24 April 2015

Happy Town

I'm in the studio this week, happily working on a happy quilt for market.  This quilt makes me smile so hard.  The blocks are inspired by the motif in the main print, as you can see below (main print on the left, block it inspired on the right!)
Two Happy town houses

Except for adding the faces to the houses, the blocks assemble very quickly.  They are so fun.

This is for a line of fabrics called "Happy Town" by Emily Isabella for Birch Fabrics (an organic fabric company).  If you love this line, encourage your favorite local shops to carry it!
Happy Town Fabrics by Emily Isabella for Birch Fabrics

The fabric releases in June and Birch will be distributing my pattern as well.  I can't wait to show the whole thing off at market and here on my blog.

If you can't wait until next month for an injection of new fabric to your stash, check out the sale this weekend on Craftsy.


I am affiliated with Craftsy and working with Birch fabrics on the Happy Town quilt. Thank you for supporting me, my affiliates, and sponsors.  Your support makes this blog and my quilts possible.

21 April 2015

Chicago Molehills

Last weekend, I had the supreme pleasure of being Latifah Saafir's teaching assistant at Sewtopia in Chicago.

�� I've settled on a scheme for the #molehillsquilt in @latifahsaafirstudios 's class at #sewtopiachicago (I'll be assisting her in class and hope to make a quilt, too!) ��������

She didn't need much help, of course, being an awesomely talented teacher, but I did manage to keep myself busy filling irons, making announcements, fetching coffee, pulling giveaway winners from the hat, and answering the occasional question.

In between all of that, I found the time to piece a quilt top!

Latifah's pattern is wonderful.  And she helped me on the first day to have the confidence to cut those arcs with just my rotary cutter and a paper template.  I did not think I could do it...but I can!

I didn't entirely follow the directions when making my quilt.  Those fan shapes that are all one piece are not in the pattern, but it's an easy adaptation and if Latifah doesn't blog instructions for it when the pattern is released, I will post the pattern hack here for you (you'll still need to buy the pattern.) The pattern has a lot of flexibility built into it already, with this fan type (pictured below) included, as well as a fan with pieced arcs.

Sewtopia - this is a block for Latifah Saafir Studios' Molehills Quilt

Sewtopia was held in The Drake, which is on the magnificent mile in downtown Chicago.  I LOVED the location.  The rooms we used were lovely and the lunches, which were included, were delicious. I'm not one to photograph my food, but I found myself doing just that!


Now that we live out in the country, I have extra love for taking trips to cities.  I just love the contrast from my everyday life. From how big the stores are (seriously every shop in Manchester could fit into the Anthropologie I visited downtown), to how fashionably the people are dressed, to the sheer business of it all...it's awesome.

Chicago has always been a favorite of mine, as well.  The Art Institute, the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, The Magnificent Mile...it's all fabulous.  And I really, really love the bean (a big mirrored sculpture in Millineum Park).

I've lived most of my life a half-day's drive from Chicago (being from Wisconsin and then settling in Michigan, the only time I wasn't close was the three years I spent in Seattle.)


On this trip, I discovered that the Windy City is too windy for outside quilt photos.
Outside quilt photos in the Windy City? I don't think so! #sewtopiachicago (photo by @redheadwiththread )

Thankfully, The Drake had coordinated their flower arrangements to my quilt top.
Don't mind me, posh patrons of The Drake (�� this place), I'm just posing with my #molehillsquilt (pattern by @latifahsaafirstudios )( I didn't follow all the directions)(photo by @redheadwiththread ) (������)(❗️:bangb

That's my "I'm fancy" face.

Thanks to all the Sewtopia participants for a great weekend!
There were lots of familiar faces and fun people at the event.
Thank for the company,  donuts, and photography assistance, Holly.
Thanks to Jemellia, Amy, and Jen for including me on your team.
Thanks to the teachers Rita and Latifah for all the lessons and laughs.
And hugs to Angela for sharing a ride and excellent chats!

28 March 2015

Bits and Bobs - 3

This is the third of what I hope will become a regular series of posts calling attention to awesome things I have encountered on the Internet. My purpose is to practice gratitude by making a record of the good stuff that I see around me and perhaps bring something fun and new to my readers.

  • I’m slowly working (late summer self-imposed deadline) on a etsy shop and blog redesign and have really been learning a lot from By Regina. She’s got all kinds of resources on thinking through, discovering, and enacting a consistent style through colors, fonts, and more.

  • I’m pretty sure I found By Regina through Abby Glassenberg’s newsletter. It’s a seriously good newsletter! Try it out…you can always unsubscribe later.

  • Speaking of newsletters, I just decluttered by inbox by signing up for UNROLL.ME. It’s great, you give it access to you email, it detects all the newletters you are getting and then for each one, you can either leave it as it is (something that will arrive in your inbox as a unique message), unsubscribe with a single click, or “roll” it, which means that it will be put into your personal daily digest. I should have done this a long time ago.

  • Have you heard of “Amazon Smile”? It’s the same thing as Amazon, but if you make your purchases on that site, you can designate a charity and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your total purchase to that charity. This is at no additional cost to you! I’ve designated the local food pantry as my beneficiary. It was easy and now all I have to do is remember to start from smile.Amazon.com when I shop.

  • Finally, here are  a couple of fun feeds on Instagram to lighten your mood when you see them: