07 May 2015

Saskia from Scandinavia (a quilt and free quilt pattern)

I have been a long-time admirer of Scandinavian design.  In particular, how it can help keep a person's mood elevated through the cold, dim winter. Indeed, the images above are from this post on how Scandinavian design can help you beat the winter blues.  

The big tips are: 
  • keep it simple
  • bring in the light
  • use a lot of white
  • sprinkle in a bit of bright.
(photo by Lynne of Lily's Quilts)

When I saw the "Scandinavian" palette of Oakshott fabrics, it was the middle of winter and I was really taken with the lovely, natural pastels. They are heavenly and mood-lifting.  My soul reached out for them.

I was so pleased to be able to play with them for Oakshott's blog hop. They sent me the Scandinavia fabrics and a few other choices. I kept with the Scandinavian theme by mixing in a big helping of white fabric, and a bit of bright red. Here's what I made:
Saskia -- free modern quilt pattern

I call the pattern "Saskia" which is a Danish name meaning "valley of light."
Instructions are for a baby quilt, 41 x 38"

Saskia -- free modern quilt pattern




17x17 square
Scandinavia 03 Tromso

fat quarter

Ruby Red 08 Corunna

fat quarter

Scandinavia 04 Helsinki

fat quarter

Scandinavia 05 Malmo

fat quarter

Scandinavia  06 Oslo

fat quarter

01 Bergen
1-3/4 yards

Blue and Red variations
Colourshott 5" Sample Swatch Pack Colours 01-30
Charm pack

Consider ordering binding and backing fabric at the same time!

Saskia -- free modern quilt pattern

1. Cut fabric following the table above.
2. Lay fabric out following diagram below.  The diagram is a bit misleading as it shows the white and colored patches as the same size.  In fact, the white are wider.  Please consult the photograph of my quilt.  The colors should touch points.

3.  Assemble rows.
4.  Press the rows. Press the seams to the darker side.
5.  Combine rows.  They are of different lengths, and should not be lined up at the ends. Line them up by having the colors touch points (just at the top and bottom) as in the photograph of my quilt.  
6. Add half-square triangles to their corners. 
7. Trim off the excess around the edges of the quilt as in the graphic below.  I used my ruler to cut the white 2" off the edges of the colored squares all the way around.

And you're done!
Please make and share this quilt.

For more inspiration, check out the other posts in this blog hop.  There are eight projects from eight designers using Oakshott Scandinavia.  All the hops are listed out below, please check them out!

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Saskia -- free modern quilt pattern

01 May 2015

Bits and bobs - 4

This is part of a regular series of posts calling attention to awesome things I have encountered on the Internet. My purpose is to practice gratitude by making a record of the good stuff that I see around me and perhaps bring something fun and new to my readers. 

I need that IRONY shirt, right?  So good.  If only my closet weren't so full.  #clutter #stress

Speaking of full closests. I'm trying to be patient and wait for this book from my library.  But I might break down and buy it...perhaps taking my coin jar into the grocery store's Coinstar machine. I mean...that would make it practically free, right?

Did you know that Coinstar machines count your money and don't take a cut if you select to be paid in a gift certificate (rather than cash)?

Do you need to learn how and when to clean and oil your sewing machine?  Protect that investment!  Creativebug has a new class on basic sewing machine maintenance taught by Jaime from Fancy Tiger Crafts 

Creativebug, by the way, has a new pricing structure, it's $4.95/month for unlimited viewing (they call this "premium." Premium includes the ability to add one class to your library (for viewing even is you unsubscribe in the future). To try Creative Bug premium FREE for two weeks, click here.

I used to work in an office next to a retired journalist.  He covered the Supreme Court for a major news outlet for over a decade and was an all-around fascinating guy.  I'd love to talk through THIS with him.  

Maybe what I really need is an RBG shirt?  

I think I'm just excited that it is warm out and I can wear short sleeves.  Ha!

Full disclosure: Most of the products linked above are from my affiliates and--at no extra cost to you--I will profit if you click through and make a purchase.  I only link to products I genuinely recommend and am grateful for your consideration.

24 April 2015

Happy Town

I'm in the studio this week, happily working on a happy quilt for market.  This quilt makes me smile so hard.  The blocks are inspired by the motif in the main print, as you can see below (main print on the left, block it inspired on the right!)
Two Happy town houses

Except for adding the faces to the houses, the blocks assemble very quickly.  They are so fun.

This is for a line of fabrics called "Happy Town" by Emily Isabella for Birch Fabrics (an organic fabric company).  If you love this line, encourage your favorite local shops to carry it!
Happy Town Fabrics by Emily Isabella for Birch Fabrics

The fabric releases in June and Birch will be distributing my pattern as well.  I can't wait to show the whole thing off at market and here on my blog.

I am working with Birch fabrics on the Happy Town quilt. Thank you for supporting me, my affiliates, and sponsors.  Your support makes this blog and my quilts possible.